About Us

Egypt Granite’s main objectives are to meet the needs of its customers, to provide what they expect and more.
Reaching the best possible standards of quality and service is what we always strive to do to maintain a successful long-term relationship with our customers

Egypt Granite allows you to choose directly from our rich nature of more than 30 types of stones with different quality levels, through most of the Egyptian quarries. Our range of products includes a wide range of Egyptian marble with beautiful colors such as (Galala, Samaha, Sunny, Sunny Minya, Silvia Minai, Sinai Pearl, Millie Gray, Golden Cream, Zafarana, ……).
We have the ability to meet all the desires of our customers from our products in the following forms
(Blocks, panels, floors, stairs, and pieces of different sizes)
Manufactured according to international specifications with different finishes such as
Ghashim, treated, acid, u jabal, glossy, semi-gloss, tumbled, embossed, charred. And other all kinds of finishes
Egypt Granite for marble and granite is one of the best companies working in the field of marble and granite in Egypt and the Middle East. We can supply and install all types of marble and granite and export the best Egyptian raw materials to the global markets.
Egypt Granite relies on skilled cadres whose mission is to blend nature and art to deliver exquisite products with innovative finishes and high quality. Along with product quality, brand commitment and strong product line, the company has modernized the work flow cycle to bring the best to its customers. A stage of quality control has been added to the production process. In addition, a new customer care team is now responsible for after sales services. We are keen to stay on common ground

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